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The artist Sandy Varsano

Sandy has displayed her works at environmental sculpture exhibitions like "Nights in Jaffa", a project of two hundred pigeons in Maale Adumim en route to Jerusalem and other exhibitions all around Israel.

Her works have been showed in different national newspapers.

Sandy studied at the "Avnei" school of arts, in the scuplture and painting department, the only one in Israel at that time.

Her teachers were: Yaacov Veksler, professor Steimatsky, Shtreichman, Yechiel Shemi and others.

Sandy sees them as pioneers who introduced to the world of art, she continued on that path guided by her emotions and unique world-view.

Sandy developed as an independed artist, gaining experience with drawing as well as with scuplturing and environmental sculpturing.

Sandy has worked with a variety of materials, such as: glass, metal, stone and marbel. Her works decorate synagogues, events halls and private homes in Israel.


Yossi Varsano, her partner for fifty years, has also been her parter in creating art.


"When I was a child I was always looking to recycle and work with materials I found all around me. I have memories of lampshades I made out of cooky tins, mosaics made out of different stones, drawings on Chinaware etc. I have always cared about beauty and composition."

Detail from the 'Collection' project
Sandy Varsano
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