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Movement, emotion, dynamics & abstract.

A new project by the artist Sandy Varsano.

The 'Compilation' project includes twelve works of art that emerged from a meeting of the different materials and the emotions poured into it by the artist.


This meeting created a new movement within the material, that brought forth an abstract expression in the work of art.


Stories & expressions

'Rorschach'-like experience

The impressive works created by the artist invite the viewer to a 'Rorschach'-like experience, wherein the viewer could recognize many different stories, emotions and expressions. As many as her/his imagination can find.

The works are about one meter in height.


The project 'COMPILATION' are available to be displayed in galeries and museums.

  "Every material brings something else, resists differently, has a different flow.

When I create, I listen to the materials and how they interact with each other, together with my emotions and intuition I allow them to meet, intergrate with each other until a composition is formed.

I am driven by curiosity, passion and a love for creating.

I have found my inspiration for this project from looking at different views, everyone could interpret them differently, and from the colors of autumn and winter.

I created a harmony, from here on out I realise my works and let the viewers interpret them in their own way."

Sandy varsano, Oct 2021.

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